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1932 Chevy Coupe

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This customer was an unexpected one. He was on his way from Portland to the Good Guys Car Show in Pleasanton, CA and the Hot Rod broke down on Interstate 5 about 15 miles out of town. After calling many repair shops in the area on his cell phone RCM was the only shop in the area that was willing to help in an emergency situation. After the car was towed to the shop, we found that the wrong size gaskets were installed on the blower manifold and we checked his computer system for any flaws. We also found that the distributor cap was bad and re-indexed his injection system. We assisted this customer and his friend in finding a local motel for the night and they decided not to take the chance on the remainder of the drive with the hot rod since this was its first long trip and rented a car to take them to the show in CA. RCM stored the coupe for the weekend and they trailered the car back to Portland the following week.

1936 Chevy Pick Up

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Customer wanted the system to remain 6 volt. We rewired some of the accessories and added a fuse block. This is a very eye catching truck on the road with the red and black paint scheme.

1951 Chevy 2 door Hardtop

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This car is a one family car and is being restored cosmetically to its original condition. The owner has searched high and low for parts for a number of years. RCM rebuilt a 261 Chevy straight 6 cylinder engine and installed it. The car was completely re-wired, numerous electrical components were replaced, installed a new brake system and fabricated disc brakes into the front end of the car. The rear end was replaced, rebuilt the driveline and a rebuilt transmission was installed. RCM rebuilt all front end components, replaced the gas tank, installed all new brake lines and fuel lines. The 2 dual carburetors were rebuilt and installed on a dual Offenhauser manifold. A Dual Fenton exhaust system was installed.

1955 GMC Carry-All

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This beautiful truck has been in the owner’s family since new. The restoration was recently finished by a California company and the owner found a gas leak, did not like the way the truck handled and did not like the fact that the truck was sitting so low. Upon inspection we found that a bolt had partially punctured the gas tank and the tank was not vented properly. We repaired the tank and installed a venting system. In addressing the owners concerns about the steering we found that the rack was malfunctioning and many of the parts used were incompatible with each other. The weight of the front and the rear of the car was sitting on the shock absorbers with the springs being too short. We stabilized the air conditioning bracket as the air-conditioning system was vibrating violently. We removed a mechanical fan and installed an electric radiator fan at the customer’s request. The rear springs were arched and we changed out the front springs and shock absorbers so the car had the proper suspension travel. The truck will be back soon to have the rack and power steering pump replaced as well as remounting the air conditioning system and alternator to clean up the engine compartment appearance. This beautiful truck won several shows this past summer and the owner is anxious for the additional repairs and the upcoming show season. It breaks our hearts when so much money is spent on a restoration only to have the owner spend additional money to make repairs that should have been done correctly the first time.

1964 Chevy Malibu

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This car is a drag racing car with a real trick paint job. There are skulls airbrushed within the flames on the car. RCM replaced the blower belt pulleys. We timed and tuned the car. This car has been at a number of car shows with us and always draws a crowd.

1966 Ford Mustang

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This Mustang was one of the nicest restorations and upgrades we had seen in quite a while. We installed a new carburetor, repaired header leaks, adjusted the rocker arms and tuned the engine before it was shipped to Las Vegas to be sold.

38 Buick Special Coupe

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This rare Buick was a Canadian vehicle and recently came to the US. The previous owner in Canada had a Camaro front clip installed that was too large for the vehicle and the suspension was breaking through the front fenders. The current owner took the car to a number of local shops and no one would touch building a new front frame and clip for this car because there was not a specific clip made for this vehicle as a kit. Bob at RCM has the experience, knowledge and math skills to build and assemble a new front frame and clip for this car out of flat plate steel and tube steel. In the beginning the front frame and clip was all that was to be done to this Buick. As time went on the owner decided to have a number of other things done and it quickly became a large and long term project. If the customer would have decided to do so many repairs to the car in the beginning RCM would have approached this project differently and would have been able to save the customer some money on labor costs. As it turns out the rest of the frame had a lot of rust that needed repair. A full new frame/chassis built by hand would have been the way to go after the body was removed.

1929 Model A Replica

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This was a project of love for RCM. This customer wanted a vehicle that he had when he was younger. The customer purchased the chassis and body, brought it to us along with the 2.3 liter Ford engine and C3 transmission. RCM did the rest. The new steel body fit together horribly so it was up to RCM to fit and finish the body properly. RCM wired the vehicle, installed the gauges and would have had the car finished in less than a year if we did not have to wait on the running boards for 4 months. The first show the A was at the owner walked away with a trophy and was very pleased. Since finishing the build of this beautiful Model A in the spring of 2012 the customer has had us put a larger cam in the engine and different mufflers for more of a hot rod sound. The customer loves his Model A and it was a big hit at a recent car show in our vendor booth.

1957 Chevy 210, 2 Door Post

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This poor car had an unexpected encounter with a tree halfway down the owner’s driveway when the emergency brake was not set properly. The car hit the tree so hard that the rear end of the car came off the ground when it hit.

The first thing to do was disassemble the front of the car and see what could be salvaged. The frame was straightened out before anything else could be re-installed. Unfortunately the fenders and hood cost too much money to re-work and repair so new fenders and hood were ordered as well as new front bumper and grill. Sometimes, unless one wants the car to remain strictly all original the better bet to save money is to go with aftermarket parts unless they are not available. In this case parts for Tri-Fives are readily available. The sheet metal surrounding the grill was also ordered. Most of the other parts were salvageable. Both doors took a hit and they were re-aligned after the fenders and hood were in place. The inner fender wells were also repaired and re-installed could not be matched close enough to blend so all the copper color was repainted. The chrome was all removed and the car sent to the painters. The new copper color looked great and the task of re-installing all of the chrome was done.

The rare 6 cylinder engine (most have been replaced with an 8 cylinder) was re-built (a result of the engine not being rebuilt previously), a new stainless steel gas tank installed and a new air conditioning system was installed with digital controls. A new larger radiator was installed to support the air conditioning and a new custom air cleaner was hand built and fabricated. The front end was aligned, new exhaust built and installed as well. After an oil change the car is now in Oklahoma and ready for the hot summers.