Terms of Work

Terms of Work & Restoration

Charges and fees

Parts are charged to the customer and must be paid in full before the parts are ordered and work has begun. Parts are billed on an as needed basis and are due immediately.

Short term projects are billed to the customer and due at completion or every two weeks whichever comes first. All billings are due upon presentation. Invoices not paid upon presentation, will result in a work stoppage and subject to a per day storage fee. Mechanics liens will be filed on all unpaid invoices.

We accept cash, personal checks and as an added convenience to our customers most major credit/debit cards. Credit and debit cards are charged an added fee of 3% to cover the bank processing fees. We pass along these fees to the customer in order to keep our per hour labor fee as low as possible. Sublet labor and services are charged to the customer.

Estimates of Restoration and Repairs

We do not spend your money without your approval

It is impossible to estimate the exact cost of a repair or restoration at the beginning of a job. Not knowing what has been done to each car over its 30, 40 or 50+ year lifetime is impossible to predict. It is also impossible to predict if the repairs were performed correctly, what unknown stress might have been placed on parts, metal and other items. A general figure, a high and low can be given based on previous jobs that were similar. If a written estimate is required, expect them to be high enough to cover any possibilities. Repairs and restorations are performed as economical as possible without compromising the finished quality and safety of each vehicle.

We keep our customers informed and updated on their project

The customer’s participation in the repair or restoration is important. We will call you often to give you an update and/or inform you if we run into any unusual problems. We do not like surprises and we know our customers like them even less. We also invite every customer to come to our shop at any time to see how the repairs or restoration is progressing. We only ask that when work is being performed our insurance requires that you remain in the office area until it is safe for you to walk to your vehicle for a look. The RCM staff will notify you when it is safe for you to be in the workspace. Your safety is of utmost important at RCM.


RCM is fully insured and your vehicle is insured while it is at our facility for repairs or restoration. Should you shop around for your repair or restoration work you will find that very few shops in this area are fully insured. We do however recommend that each customer have an individual classic car policy as added coverage while the car is in any shop or on the road.